About Trusted Cyber Solutions

Trusted Cyber Solutions (TCS) was founded in 2002 under the brand Trusted Management, a collaborative effort between Security and Technical specialists from a wide range of backgrounds. 

The objective was to create a specialist security partnership with the objective of improving business rather than being a traditional body-shopping supplier of consultants. 

The founders, including current Director, Paul Overton, came from a range of backgrounds: security planning and architecture for multinational businesses and banking, the architect of the UK Governments Secure inter-departmental networks, Security leads from Policing and Military Intelligence – a range of experience that has been expanded by the selection of the Consultants who have subsequently joined the company. This range of highly competent individuals, able to call on each other expertise, is core to our ability to deliver services to our clients.


Trusted Cyber Solutions is an independent Cyber Security and Risk Management consultancy with no affiliation to, or association with, specific security product manufacturers or suppliers.

We are therefore able to offer clients completely unbiased professional advice and assistance.

We aid clients in the promotion of respect, trust and confidence in their organisation by helping them to manage operational risk, maintain legal compliance, achieve regulatory compliance, demonstrate corporate governance, protect intellectual property, secure business communications and ensure business continuity.

Our consultancy services are underpinned by our core values of knowledge, quality, ethics, pragmatism and professionalism.

We offer comprehensive, concise and expert consultancy from information security professionals. We are experts in our field providing businesses with the guidance and planning needed to ensure future stability and growth. Our thorough understanding of current and emerging cyber threats, coupled with extensive experience in building, assessing, auditing and testing systems, provides a world-class cyber security consultancy service.

Our Capabilities

Our Consultants are carefully chosen and have a proven track record in providing innovative solutions based on quality services. The approach to assignments is based on four key features:

  • Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Independance
  • Integration