• Vulnerability Testing

    Our automated vulnerability testing process quickly identifies threats and risks to your systems, providing with a foundation for performing a full IT Security Health Check.

  • IT Security Health Check

    We undertake comprehensive process and compliance audits of our clients security arrangements, enabling us to compile a detailed overview of the risks and vulnerabilities of your systems, applications and networks.

  • Hosting & Security

    Our secure managed hosting services offer our clients a high level of assurance and peace of mind about the security of their data assets and web presence.

  • Training and Awareness

    Businesses, Governments and individuals now put their trust in, and rely on, the Internet and IT systems. Individual awareness and understanding is at least as important as technical security controls.

  • Cloud Security

    The use of externally delivered and hosted services, Cloud services, is crucial to obtaining a business advantage but only if they can deliver the compliance and information security demands required for the survival of the business.

  • Firewall Management

    Security devices, such as firewalls and boundary servers, are not static devices. They must adapt and change according to business need and the changing threats they are intended to resist.

  • Secure Networking

    Secure, trustworthy, communications are critical for any modern business. We have a long history of developing and implementing secure networks, both for ourselves and for our clients.

  • Secure Remote Backup/DR

    We operate our own secure data hosting and IT service infrastructure. This is available to our clients for both the near- or on-line storage of data and to provide fallback hosting for critical services.

  • Cyber Security Project Management

    Good project management is vital to the successful delivery of any major change within an organisation to prevent cost and time overruns.